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Atlantis is a series of mini games under the dystopian sea where up to 50 players take to a single screen and use their smartphones as controllers to loot and pillage the remains of a civilization.

Mini Games:

Evacuate! Yell, swipe, tap and shake as a group to evacuate as many citizens as possible before everything blows up.

Diamond Hoarders Face off against everyone, drag to move and collect diamonds. The first to 100 wins.

Submarines With alliances formed, teams of 3 control a submarine. Drag to move, swipe to aim, and yell to fire. Last team standing wins.


atlantis.zip 41 MB

Install instructions

Your smart phone is used as a control, available for both iOS and Android. Download them here:

Atlantis Control on iTunes

Atlantis Control on Google Play

Your phones must be on the same wireless network as the host server. Start the server then start the Atlantis Control app on your phone. The IP address of the server should pop up on the dropdown list. When you're connected, the population will increase. When everyone is connected, click on the start game from the host server's screen.

The game can be played by a small group (well, at least 6 people) up to a technical limit of 254. The game is also made for a 1080p display. It's also in active development, so all feedback is welcome.

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